Liverpool Squad For Champions League Training Camp Revealed As Stars Fly Out To Marbella

The UCL final is declared to be held on 2 nd of June, 2019 at Madrid. Hence, Liverpool players
have flown out to Marbella in order to smooth the progress of their training. The last English
Premiere League ignited a traumatic experience for Liverpool as they lost against Manchester
city. This time Liverpool may avenge their previous loss and that is even in the land of Madrid. It
is notable that Liverpool has won English Premiere League 18 times. In the upcoming
Champions League final, Liverpool will be competing against Tottenham and both of the English
giants will have had ruthless execution of the basics in order to succeed. Also, it is undeniable
that Liverpool has a wider fan base than those of Tottenham. Also, it is to keep in mind that
Jurgen Klopp has never won a final yet. Moreover, he lost more than once in final with
Dortmund Fc. In addition to that, he has lost both Europa League and UCL.
Liverpool squad has already marched for the battle through their journey to Marbella. The
players along with the supporters are waiting for Liverpool to come up as the winner as Salah
and Firmino are also back. The team seems to be very balanced as Klopp has designed an
appropriate team for power football. In recent matches, Salah and Sadio Mane have shown sheer
excellence as strikers. Tottenham will try their level best to vulnerably attack Liverpool and sure
as Newton was right, so shall Liverpool too tear into them with like ferocity. Last but not the
least, Virgil van Dijk has also worked over his defensive attributes and he is now absolutely
better than ever. Midfielder Milner, Henderson and Fabinho are also in their best shape.
Klopp might not have won frequent numbers of trophies compared to other coaches but he has
brought severe changes in Liverpool team, which has helped Liverpool overcome the match
against Barcelona. For example, Xherdan Shaqiri scored a goal in the second half against
Manchester United which has triumphed Liverpool in that match. Divock Origi earned the team
three points in the match against Everton and he was strategically deployed at the last moment of
the match. Klopp has the maturity of having a clear idea about every individual player of his

The three frontiers of Klopp may prove to be significantly dangerous for their opposition. As
Klopp said, “In Germany we have a saying: ‘All the best things come in threes.” Undoubtedly,
Tottenham will appear with utmost ferocity and expertise. So, it cannot be said that Liverpool
and Liverpool must win the match but chances are high as from the opinions of football analysts.
Surely, Tottenham will show up as a tough competition and the match will be thrilling and the
players as well as the audience will sweat out in excitement. Hopefully, the uncertainty will soon
be answered in favor of either of the awardees, let it be Liverpool or Tottenham.

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Written by John Debb


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