Cristiano Ronaldo And Asks For Jose Mourinho To Be New Juventus Boss

Cristiano Ronaldo has already had experience of having been coached by Mourinho. As from his
previous experience and impeccable expertise, his suggestion for Mourinho would not come up
as surprising news albeit sources have not confirmed it yet. Questions may arise if Mourinho’s
chances of joining Juventus should only be based upon the choice of C. Ronaldo.
Taking a glance at Mourinho’s career may clarify the answer above. He has already trumped 2
UCL trophies and that is even from different clubs. So, who would say Mourinho is not aiming
for the third one? Besides, it was until the expiration of Mourinho’s contract with Manchester
United, he has won the club a UEFA Europa League, which was not an exception in his case
because he has won minor to major trophies for whatever club he has been a part of. In addition,
Cristiano Ronaldo has his characteristics matched with Mourinho in terms of their victorious
attitude and uncompromising firmness. Also, Mourinho follows different or maybe opposite
techniques in sports compared to those of M. Allegri. Despite the differences, Ronaldo’s
performance bears sheer excellence and reflects his defiance and extreme hard work.
The piece of information may still be considered as rumor yet it has sparked possible chances of
competencies and competitions amongst the football clubs because of the infusion of C. Ronaldo
with J. Mourinho again. Undoubtedly, the combination is envisaged as an explosive force in the
world of football but there would also be inevitable run downs about them based upon their
previous fall out. La Gazzetta informs, “Two parties are pressing Juventus to take on José
Mourinho as their new coach. One, logically, is his representative Jorge Mendes and the other
appears to be Cristiano Ronaldo, who has put their differences at Real Madrid to one side and
backs the appointment of his compatriot”*.

On 1 st of September, 2018, Paul Wilson quotes Mourinho’s idea about Juventus on the Guardian,
which was basically about the possibility of winning for Juventus as Mourinho nearsighted. This
also weighs in favor of Mourinho in the likelihood of him being the manager of Juventus*. So far
so forth, the Portuguese duo has a long history of ups and downs if taken a glance at the history.

Mourinho did express Ronaldo’s habit of quibbling with him in different matters still it is
undeniable that their team-effort put an initial end to the then undisputed championship of
Barcelona. Considerably, Ronaldo and Mourinho shared a friendly yet dialectic relation with
each other. At one point, Mourinho emphasized Ronaldo as the best player in the universe but on
the other, he scrutinized Ronaldo as incapable of being developed further. Ronaldo also had
sincere gratitude to Mourinho as he said, “I would put [Mourinho] at the top, I always say that”*.
Though unconfirmed yet the Ronaldo-Mourinho duo may revive the legacy of their relationship
if combined again in Juventus, otherwise, a new history may born from the confident
competency leading from two opposite sides.

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Written by John Debb


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