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Fast & Furious Is No Longer About The Cars, Rather Turned Superheroic

Fast and Furious is undoubtedly one of the most successful franchise in the movie industry. Whether you have counted or not, but they have been running well enough for the past eighteen years with their first release in 2001. Vin Diesel and Paul Walker starring the series, their rise to the stardom had been meteoric 

The drama between The Rock and Tyrese, the intricate car crashes and whatnots did make the movies much interesting, but let’s admit it, the series has started to become more of superheroic than it is about cars anymore. Well, of course, you don’t get to shatter a parking garage by stomping on it. 

Now, is that because the actors have also started to star in the Superheroic movies? Well, that could be because we don’t see them wearing capes in the Fast and Furious series.  

Of course, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Vin Diesel, Jason Statham and Paul Walker have their superpowers. Consider the Rock’s arc in Furious: 7. the way he stands up from his hospital bed, flexes so hard that it almost cast on his arms to shatter and tells his daughter that “Daddy’s got to go to work.” Afterwards, he steals an ambulance, crashes it off on to an overpass in a drone, kicks up his way through a windshield, picks up a minigun from the wreckage while shooting down a helicopter. Is that actually related to cars? 

For all that, they are built on incredible with epic battles, superhero movies are not just about the things that are meant to happen. There’s an epic structure to the superhero universe that has been going on for decades, full of adventures and is perhaps never meant to end. It all comes from great continuity. 

The weirdest part about the entire saga is that it involves jetpacks, bombs and a crew that’s essentially for street racing a decommissioned Soviet nuclear submarine. 

Well, there’s a lot more to say about this. We could actually highlight the speciality that each and every character are supernaturally good at. They are, in fact, a team of superheroes. The only thing that they are missing is their capes. 

At the end of the day, it all concludes by saying that all of these movies are more like superhero movies. With the epic mark offs and ridiculous realities that they come with, the only thing that wouldn’t be surprising is having a funny post-credits sequence. We could think of something like Hobbs handing Dom a file and saying, “Oh, we totally forgot to tell you, did you know aliens are for real?” And honestly, that wouldn’t even be surprised if that actually happens. 

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Written by John Debb


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