The Houdini of Everything: The Power of Illusion

Life is an illusion and with that when we add another layer/shade/filter of allusion, we get social media. We try to create this illusion, an aura around us on social media that life is all hunky-dory just like Houdini created an illusion by performing amazing disappearing acts. We behave in such a way when loneliness and boredom creep up. I am all for social media using as a business tool, advertisement and social service but making it weird, strange and creepy that gives into psychological issues such as egomania/centric, self-obsession and lust get food for the soul is when all things go wrong.

We live in a world of illusion with social media making life seem more dramatic and awesome than it really is. It is okay at times for entertainment purposes and it is a great strategic marketing tool. But people are getting obsessed with social media and getting ill. I do agree that sometimes it is also an escape and outlet from the mundane life but do not make it your lifestyle.

But readers beware and stay real, live a little by spending quality time with family and friends!

Look away from your phone screens.

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