Michael Bay And Explosions: A Memorable Hollywood Duo

Michael Bay and his movies depicting epic explosions of any sort is a known fact in Hollywood and his audience. He just has a keen eye in formulating elements essential in an action flick such as his affinity for robots, military tech, cops, bad guys, futuristic themes and high budget explosion scenes. The movies he directed such as Transformers and Bad Boys series display scenes that are not only eye-catching but creates an idea of situations that might occur between law enforcement officials and the outlaws.

In simple terms, Michael Bay just loves to blow stuff up. It’s in his nature and now no Michael Bay movie feels complete without a high budget and perfectly executed explosion scene. There is a track record of 992 explosions in all of Bay’s movies together most of which were contributed from his Transformers movie series.

Bay often cites a childhood incident where he attached firecrackers to a toy train and filmed the following explosions with his mother’s 8 mm camera. Ultimately, the fire services had to be called and he was grounded for his menace created out of curiosity. This not only makes Bay a visual filmmaker who is designed for summer blockbuster action movies but also won audience hearts ever since the ’90s.

Below is a list of a few explosion scenes from Michael Bay movies ranked from best to good:


  1. 1 Armageddon (1998): Meteor Shower Scene

    Nothing beats Bay's movie, Armageddon starring Bruce Willis. The meteor shower scene was visually captivating as meteors exploded streets of New York along with Grand Central Station, the West Coast of USA, Paris and Finland in this 1998 science fiction disaster movie. The scene was rich in cinematography and kept the audience at the edge of their seats providing a surreal experience.

  2. 2 Transformers (2007): Attack on Military Base Scene

    Fictional robot supervillain Blackout attacks and destroys a United States military base over the sand dunes located in Qatar. Though this attack was a failed attempt by Blackout, the explosions that ensue in this scene are just mind-blowing and captivating to watch from an audience and filmmaker point of view.

  3. 3 Bad Boys (1995): Hangar Shootout Scene

    In this scene, Actor Martin Lawrence’s character, Marcus Burnett dialogue “You forgot your boarding pass” was worth remembering but also the scene when he cleverly shoots the ether cylinders located near the bad guys’ plane to explode, makes the scene really satisfying to watch.

  4. 4 The Rock (1996): Car chase Scene

    The 1996 action movie mostly set on Alcatraz, Island and surrounding San Francisco was a delight to watch. The scene that especially stood out was the chasing scene between the leads Sean Connery and Nicholas Cage. A Humvee that Sean Connery’s character, Mason was driving plunges through a VW Beetle, totals a truck of bottled mineral water and, finally explodes a trolley car and yellow Nissan seals the scene into an epic one.

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