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This Week’s “Game Of Thrones” Plot Was A Real Emotional Rollercoaster For Fans

Before we begin, let us tell you that this article shall discuss Episode 1 of Season 8, “Game of Thrones”. So, spoilers alert!!!

Season 8, Episode 4 has been a rollercoaster ride of emotions for GOT fans, whereby, it was shown to have many characters undergo through extreme changes. The episode unfolds on a funeral of those who fell into the Great War that excels into a victorious party. In tune, there were a number of other events that took place in the aftermath, which included Daenerys crowning Gendry the Lord of Storm’s End. Afterwards, he proposed to Arya and asked her to join him there as wife and lady. Of course, Arya declined and echoed a phrase that she says throughout the show – “I am not a lady.”

After it has been revealed that Brianne is a virgin during the drinking game, Jamie turns up in her room and they end up in the bed together. They finally satisfy their feelings that they have been building up for quite a few seasons between them.

Pressure keeps rising between Daenerys and her advisers, when her mental state seems, by all accounts, to be weakening as the wars wage on. After the gathering, she approaches Jon in his room and urges him to stay quiet about his actual personality among them so she can rightfully become the queen.

Furthermore, it’s going to be an exciting episode as its completely going to change the context of the last few episodes. In fact, this season is going to be all about the parallel effort to strip Daenerys down emotionally and then back her in a corner. This would make her paradoxically more likely to go off when she continues to lose firepower.

So, finally, what do you think? Will Dany blow it up all in the next episode? Is Jaime going to return to Cersei? Or kill her?

What do you think?

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Written by John Debb


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