Developing Cross-Cultural Business Environment

Culture, simply, is the way of life of a different group of peoples in a different country. Culture varies from group to group. Culture is defined as the way a group of people living. It can be said as another way like the culture is the symbolic way of communication. Inboard, sense culture includes beliefs, communication, way of life, race, behavior, experiences, etc. of any group of people and its impact. The different ethnic group has different types of cultures. People’s lifestyles, knowledge, beliefs, experiences, behaviors, etc. are highly influenced by culture for any group of people.

A culture passed from generation to generation by learning. For example, a newborn baby will learn that thing what he/ she will from childhood. For any HR manager, it’s a very challenging job for managing cross-cultural people. Simply it occurs when the manager of any organization manages more than one cultural group of people. One culture allows conducting one business but the same type of business may not be allowed by another culture. To operate any business outside the country, firstly the HR manager needs to be more careful & sagacious. The HR manager should recruit the right person. New employees should have time keeping mentality, knowledge about culture, gregarious.

A proper training program needs to be arranged for both jobs related training and cultural/ behavioral related training. HR needs to be a democratic mentality to handle diverse cultural people. There will be no compromise for any work-related issues. The HR managers should create a cultural environment where people from different cultures can work together and can share their positive thinking with other cultural people. There will be no discrimination among employees in an organization. If a manager can ensure the proper business environment, the company’s output will be increased automatically. Cultural discrimination may create an obstacle for the natural growth of any company.

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